Katherin Jennings was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1985. From the first moment of her existence she was destined for greatness. With the ability to lead and take charge she quickly assumed the personality of a boss. This extended so far that even her Halloween costumes consisted of lawyers, business, woman and various woman in power positions. In addition to being a leader, she studied a variety of arts. In elementary school, she studied dance, as time moved forwards she grew into ballet, jazz, and modern dance. Katherin continued to study dance and expanded her style into hip hop, burlesque, and belly dancing. Although highly skilled in dance, she decided to keep dance as a hobby and moved toward making modeling her career choice.

She is a petite model standing at 5’3″, though small in stature, she is larger than life. She’s done a few shows and ripped the run way in each of them. Her talents aren’t limited to runway because she is also developing her print portfolio. In the future, she plans on combining all her talents and honing them into a powerful acting career. Smart, intelligent, fun, and always professional, although rough around the edges, when it comes down to business she’d say, “There is no room for hesitation let’s get straight to business”.